Finally! Discover the proven, research-based teaching strategies and tools that help EVERY child learn to read.

Never worry that students are slipping through the cracks again.


The Reading Roadmap PD has already empowered teachers to help 121,770 students to read!

See why so many teachers are RAVING about this training...

Most teachers think that to help their students become better readers faster, they just need to work harder.

But here's the truth...

It's not about working HARDER.

It's about working SMARTER.

If you don't use strategies based on the 7 decades of research pinpointing the fastest, easiest ways to teach reading , your lessons are ineffective.

And ineffective lessons keep you AND your students stuck.

Your reading lessons kinda' work... some of the time.

Students slip through the cracks, your admin gets frustrated, and you spend nights and weekends trying to piece together lesson plans that will fix it.

But there’s an easier way!

When you have research-based, classroom-tested teaching strategies and tools, EVERYTHING changes.

Your students get bigger, faster reading results and YOU gain unshakable teaching confidence.

You can swap those time-consuming Google searches for Netflix shows and down time with family and friends.

And that nagging worry that some students are slipping through the cracks?

It disappears forever. Because you know, without a doubt, that you're using THE best teaching strategies.

Teaching reading doesn't have to be complicated...

In fact, my #1 goal is to make it easy for you to understand. And, most importantly, easy to implement in your classroom.

Using research-based teaching strategies and tools is actually *so much* simpler than you think.

All you need is an easy-to-follow blueprint.

And I'm going to lay it all out for you!


In just 4 short weeks, you will:

  • Have a rock-solid understanding of what the research does (and does not!) tell us about how students learn to read. SPOILER ALERT: Instagram doesn't always get it right
  • Use quick, 5-minute assessments to uncover what your students are really struggling with so you can fill hidden holes that are keeping them stuck
  • Implement simple, research-based teaching strategies and tools that help students learn to read 10 x faster
  • Learn when to teach specific phonics & reading skills so you understand the step-by-step process from start to finish
  • Use done-for-you lesson plans and centers that save you valuable planning and prep time

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Here's the thing...

You could spend about $12,000 getting a Reading Specialist Degree at a university, but the awesome news is you don't have to give up all of your time and money to do that...

You can get the exact same results (PLUS get all of the assessments, literacy centers and teaching tools you need to get started right away!) for a whole lot less.

Hey there! I'm Malia...

When I started teaching 20 years ago, I was like so many teachers I meet today...

I knew that some of my readers were slipping through the cracks but I didn't know how to help them catch up.

So over the last two decades, I designed, tweaked, and perfected an easy to use system that skyrockets students' reading. 

And now I'm excited to share all of my teaching tools and lessons learned with YOU so that you can get right to the good stuff: helping EVERY reader thrive.

This is the training I wish I had 20 years ago.

Let's turn those so-so teaching results into MASSIVE success.

Enrollment opens up again on Sunday, October 6th.

I want an invite!