It's your turn to learn the proven, easy-to-follow system that helps EVERY reader thrive.

In just 4 weeks, you'll know exactly WHEN and HOW to teach ALL of the must-have reading skills in your pre-k, kindergarten or first grade classroom so you can confidently make a HUGE impact in the world.


See why so many teachers are RAVING about this all-in-one system...

Most teachers think that to get more results, they just need to work harder.

But here's the truth...

It's not about doing MORE,

it's about doing BETTER.

If you don't teach every student the EXACT reading skill she needs to work on next, your lessons will remain ineffective.

And ineffective lessons keep you stuck.

We all know that analogy about the one size fits all T-shirt...

The 5 year old swims in it and the sumo wrestler tears it in two before he can even pull it over his head.

By trying to make a shirt that fits EVERYONE, you end up making a shirt that doesn't actually fit ANYONE.

Well heck! One size fits all reading lessons are just the same...

Struggling readers fall further behind and advanced readers are held back from reaching their fullest potential.

If you've already felt the nudge to take your teaching to the next level...

Then you DO have what it takes to step into that new role.


The proven system for finally helping EVERY reader thrive!

  • Uncover what your students are really struggling with and HOW to help them.
  • Finally gain clarity on WHEN to teach specific reading skills so you understand the step-by-step process from start to finish.
  • Learn how to set up and run small reading groups so you can give students highly differentiated lessons WITHOUT teaching time consuming one-on-one lessons.
  • Make learning to read FUN for kids using literacy centers that are so motivating students actually ASK to play.

You could spend about $9,000 getting a Reading Specialist Degree at a university, but the awesome news is that you don't have to give up all of the time and money to do that...

You can get the exact same results (PLUS get all of the assessments, literacy centers and teaching tools you need to get started right away!) for a whole lot less.

In just 4 weeks, you'll have results like THIS...

"I never really felt like it was my programming or I was in command of it and now when I'm explaining it to my other teachers or paraprofessionals, I can say this is what we're doing and I feel confident. I know exactly the program I'm delivering and it's working. These kids are learning!"

Jessica - Kindergarten Teacher

"I felt like I was letting kids slip through the cracks... My planning has shifted entirely and I'm much more intentional about what literacy skill I'm helping kids work on - especially during small group time."

- Julia, Kindergarten Teacher

"I don't stress! I know EXACTLY what to do next. Teaching reading is very easy now."

Cody - Kindergarten Teacher

"With the assessments, I felt like I was right on with EVERYBODY. Kids at the top of my class soared WELL beyond grade level!"

Laurie - Kindergarten Teacher

"I know what I'm doing now. And I know where to begin, where I'm going and how it's going to look at the end. I can reach my goals!"

Laura - First Grade Teacher

"Now I plan better for each student and make sure I am meeting THEIR needs and seeing where THEY need to go next."

Dana - Kindergarten Teacher

I need that too!

Hey there! I'm Malia...

I'm a National Board Certified Teacher and the founder of The Reading Roadmap.

When I started teaching 18 years ago, I was like so many teachers I meet today...

I knew that my one-size-fits-some teaching manuals weren't helping my struggling readers catch up but I didn't know what to do instead...

And I dreaded fall conferences because I knew that the parents of my advanced readers were going to ask how I was keeping them challenged (ummm - I'm not!)...

So over the next decade, I designed an easy to use system that skyrocketed my students' reading. 

And now I'm excited to share all of my lessons learned so that you can save time hunting down strategies that work and get right to the good stuff: helping EVERY reader thrive.

This is the training I wish I had 18 years ago.

Let's turn that icky doubt into unshakable confidence.

Class starts in October. Are you in?

I want an invite!