It's your turn to get the tools, training and support you need to get bigger, faster teaching results AND take back your weekends once and for all.

See why so many Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade teachers are raving about the membership...


Which of these applies to you?

You have a huge range of learning levels in class and trying to meet everyone's needs is daunting. It's hard to know where to start.

You lay in bed at night worrying about students who could quickly slip through the cracks. You're not sure if you're doing enough to help.

Your teaching to do list is always growing - there's never enough time. You feel stretched thin, like you're just trying to keep your head above water.

You worry your students won't remember what you teach them and often second guess whether your lessons really "stick".

You're overwhelmed by COVID protocols and struggle to make learning hands-on, fun and engaging for your kids.

You tired of spending nights and weekends searching Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers trying piece together motivating lesson plans.

Really, it's beyond frustrating.

You are smart. You are dedicated.

But if you're like most teachers I meet, you STILL STRUGGLE to reach all of your learners...

And work-life balance? It's non-existent.

Most teachers think that to get more results, they just need to work harder.

But here's the cold, hard truth...

It's not about teaching HARDER,

it's about teaching SMARTER.

And just like I've helped thousands of other teachers get the tools, strategies and support they needed to take their teaching to the next level...

I want to help YOU too!

Introducing THE most valuable teaching membership for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade teachers....

Imagine being able to logon to your own teaching site and find EVERYTHING you need, WHENEVER you need it...

When you become a member, you'll:

  • Get 24/7 access to THOUSANDS of ready-to-use, teacher-tested centers and lesson plans in one spot (including hundreds of exclusive downloads you can't find anywhere else!) so you can take back your weekends once and for all.
  • Learn the 4 step system that makes it easy to meet EVERY student's needs so you can get those bigger, faster teaching results you crave.
  • Make learning FUN for kids using centers and lesson plans that are so motivating students actually ASK to repeat them.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you are supported by an uplifting and dedicated community of primary grade teachers just like you.

Why I'm Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Membership:

Since starting The Plato Pack back in 2018, I've helped thousands of teachers become more effective and successful.

And if you were to add up all of the centers, lesson plans, teaching tools and trainings inside The Plato Pack it would be worth more than $4,800.

So, why is your membership just a fraction of that?

I've seen so many GOOD teachers struggle. They spin their wheels, burn out, and their students don't reach their fullest potential.

That's why I want to get these tools and strategies into as many hands as possible!

When you have The Plato Pack system, you'll be able to get bigger, faster teaching results with less planning and prep...

And that means you'll make a bigger impact in the world AND get that work-life balance you crave.

(Because enjoying time with friends and family, binge watching Netflix, or curling up with a good book is WAY more rejuvenating than searching Teachers Pay Teachers to pull together lesson plans.)

So, as long as your subscription stays active, you have a classroom license to use everything inside the site: literacy centers, math stations, STEM challenges...


Here's a rundown of everything you get when you join The Plato Pack:

24/7 access to THOUSANDS of literacy, math and STEM centers

PLUS dozens of Seesaw, Google & Boom centers

Time saving monthly planning sheets

Exclusive weekly teacher freebies you can’t find anywhere else

Dozens of on-demand teacher trainings

Members-only Facebook group filled with dedicated teachers just like you

50% off all Playdough to Plato trainings and courses including The Reading Roadmap

A copy of the summer book club book & live interviews with the author

VIP access to our annual Favorite Things Week giveaways

Plus surprise bonuses!

Total Value: $4,800

Enroll Here:

The investment into The Plato Pack is normally $299 for the year, but you can join for just $39 a month.

Or save $169 (36%) when you invest for the year!

Choose the option that works best for you:

By this time next year, you'll have results like THIS...

“I would choose things from one person on Teachers Pay Teachers and something completely different from another person… I spent a lot of time looking for resources… On The Plato Pack, because everything is there, if something doesn’t work, I can just try something else. I don’t have to spend extra time and money looking for something new.”

Linda – Kindergarten Teacher

“These students are not going to be at the same level they would have been had they had a full year last year... If I didn’t have the flexibility of The Plato Pack with the Pre-K through One band, I don’t feel that I would be as prepared for that differentiation.”

Lovelyn – First Grade Teacher

“It’s completely worth it. You have basically everything – math, reading… There are so many resources that I can differentiate for my students. If I have someone who’s behind, I can easily find stuff to get them caught up. If I have students who are advanced, I can find something more challenging for them. It’s easy for me!”

Susan – Kindergarten Teacher

“One of my big concerns was science and STEM and really wanting to keep things hands-on… The first thing I did with them was the geoboards… and it was beautiful! They did it and they were all excited about it and it was hands-on. Kids were like, “I LOVE this!”

Mia – First Grade Teacher

 I'm ready to invest in my students' future!

Hey there! I'm Malia...

I'm a National Board Certified Teacher and the founder of The Plato Pack.

It's been absolutely incredible to witness the transformations of so many teachers in our community and I know that there are SO MANY more success stories yet to be created.

Because one of my favorite things about The Plato Pack is that when someone needs support, we show up in SPADES.

It would be an absolute honor to welcome you into our tight-knit community. I'll be keeping an eye out for you!

- Malia

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