Discover the easiest way to give your ENTIRE class big, exciting reading growth.

Just 1 hour a day for 5 days will give you significantly bigger teaching results for the rest of your career.


If you're ready for a simplified, actionable, highly effective crash-course in the science of reading, you're in the right spot.

You'll get everything you need in less than one hour a day.

Most teachers think that to help their students learn to read, they just need to work harder.

But here's the truth...

It's not about working HARDER.

It's about working SMARTER.

If you don't use teaching tools and strategies that are based on what research has PROVEN works, your lessons are ineffective.

And ineffective lessons keep you AND your students stuck.

Your reading lessons kinda' work... some of the time.

Students slip through the cracks, your admin gets frustrated, and you spend nights and weekends trying to piece together lesson plans that will fix it.

But there’s an easier way!

When you have research-based, classroom-tested teaching strategies and tools, EVERYTHING changes.

Your students get bigger, faster reading results and YOU gain unshakable teaching confidence.

You can swap those time-consuming Google searches for Netflix shows and down time with family and friends.

And that nagging worry that some students are slipping through the cracks?

It disappears forever. Because you know, without a doubt, that you're using THE best teaching strategies.

After just 5 days, you'll be saying:

The science of reading doesn't have to be complicated...

In fact, my #1 goal is to make it easy for you to understand. And, most importantly, easy to implement in your classroom.

Using research-based teaching strategies and tools is actually *so much* simpler than you think.

All you need is an easy-to-follow blueprint.

And I'm going to lay it all out for you!


This challenge is perfect for you if you:

  • Feel burned out from working hard only to have lackluster teaching results
  • Need someone to simplify the science of reading and show you the way so that you can easily implement the best strategies in your classroom too
  • Are tired of searching for secret hidden strategies and tricks that other successful teachers seem to know but, for some reason, you don't
  • Want to take your reading lessons from "meh, it's okay" to "holy cow, this is amazing!"
  • Are sick of worrying that students are slipping through the cracks and are ready to help them finally catch up

What's included?


Join Malia for daily, bite-sized videos that cut away the fluff and get right to the good stuff so you learn key concepts and teaching strategies FAST.


Use the done-for-you cheat sheets to take what you're learning and easily put it into action right away.


Students are more motivated to practice new reading skills when learning feels more like play than work. Grab dozens of ready-to-use centers that pump up the fun factor.


You deserve credit for all of your hard work so, as soon as you complete the challenge, you'll receive a certificate for 5 PD hours. Score!

And it'll all take just an hour or less each day!

Let's turn that icky doubt into unwavering confidence.

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