Become a rockstar reading teacher in 4 weeks flat!

The next class starts May 2020.


"Over the years, I've grown, I did my Masters and I've taken A TON of classes... but BY FAR this made the most impact on my teaching... When you see your little kindergarten angels happy and confident and smiling and knowing that they can all go in and they're all reading. It's very exciting! "

- Laurie N.

"I gained confidence, I gained my time back (I wasn't constantly struggling to figure out what I was going to do for the reading groups), and I gained peace of mind as a teacher that I was actually really doing the best that I could. It's an investment in yourself, it's an investment in your career, and it's an investment in your peace of mind."

- Codi O.

“I’ve been teaching since 1997. The first year I was back in kindergarten after being out for so many years, it was overwhelming to look at that reading book and try to just grasp all of that information. So then getting that (Roadmap) planning sheet back in February... it was just like “Aaah! Yay!” I have more time and I can actually focus. I used the reading time so much better.” 

- Dana W.  


"So worth the money! Not only has it has saved me hours of prep time but it has also given me so many ideas that I would never have thought of! My kids love the variety of engaging and hands-on activities. Thank you so much for your hard work." 

- Debbie D.

"I was struggling with doing guided reading with my students. This was exactly what I needed to make my plan for this year." 

- Jenny R.

"Now know EXACTLY what I need to do to get kids ready to read simple books. I can't describe the relief!"  

- Sue

"Breaking everything down simply made it a breeze to follow."

- Nonie E.

“The assessment was super meaningful. After using the assessment with my class I felt if I was straight a way orientated to start reading and language stations based on students needs. It's the first time that I felt so confident about the exact needs of the student.”

- Nathalie

"I absolutely LOVED the program. I looked forward to logging in each week and building on my skills.”

- Erika